200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

In this training program, you can count on a specialized focus on anatomy, alignment, and how to instruct a safe and effective yoga practice. As a physical therapy doctoral student, I promise you that. The training has a broad focus when it comes to style. You will learn Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative and more, so that you YOU have the knowledge to inform your teaching choices. Whether you are a student looking to deepen your practice or you intend to teach- this training will change you. View the training's page on Yoga Alliance here.   

The Next Training will begin March 2021! 

Location: Clinton, IL @ The Yoga Space, IL *

I am also working on a training to be held in Columbia, MO.

*Yoga Alliance is currently making allotments for programs to be online due to COVID-19. If the pandemic continues, we may still have the option to do the program online or in-person with an online option for those displaying symptoms, who have been exposed, or who merely prefer to join in that capacity.

Read on and click to apply below. 

Dates are determined by the participants collectively upon acceptance to the program. However, we will start ~ in March! 1 weekend a month. But occasionally it  could be two. 



















The typical schedule is:

Saturdays ~8am-7pm

(45 minute lunch break)

Sundays ~8am-2:30pm

(30 minute lunch break)

Alterations to this schedule are unanimously voted on by the group as a whole. 


Makeup sessions (in person or via extra homework, videos, or FaceTime) only allowed in the event of a family or medical emergency or if agreed upon prior to the start of the whole training cycle.  


Tuition is $2,600

(does not include the price of books)

 You may pay the amount in full, or I offer a payment plan with a minimum monthly payment of ~$325/month for the duration of the training. This method of payment has been popular in the past and it's my hope that it makes training more accessible to you. Regardless, the training must be paid in full before a certificate will be awarded. 

*No refunds will be given and once your deposit is paid, you will be required to sign a payment agreement stating that I am authorized to continue charging you for the full amount of the training even if your involvement in the training ceases at any time.*

Serious about taking this journey?

Click here to apply to the program 

I will reply with further questions, or your acceptance or denial into the program in a timely fashion.

Click to read the rough syllabus

Click to read the booklist

(modules will be mixed together but the material covered is outlined in the syllabus)

Email me with any questions at olivia@oliviarousseauyoga.com

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