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The Magic of Manifesting

Let's get right to it. Manifestation seems like this other worldly sort of magic. You see friends posting photos of vision boards or candle-lit ceremonies in order to "manifest" weight loss, love, or money, and you think "Nope. Nope. Nope. There is no way praying over a bunch of crystals or staring at a posterboard is gonna give me what I want!" (a totally natural response by the way) Well, guess what?! It might. But it's not the crystals or haphazard collage that give you the power. It's YOU! 

Manifestation is kind of like intention or goal-setting but with more of a visualized, tangible, planned component. Here's how it works:

Have you heard the phrase, "where your focus goes, your energy flows."? The more you think about that new car, the more job listings you pay attention to, the more you advocate for a raise at your current job, the more cognizant you are of the money you are spending. And before you know it, you get a $3,000 raise at work, an easy second job for the evenings, and you're saving $200/month from eating in. You have that new car by the end of the year. No one handed you that car. A higher power didn't throw down a car from the heavens as soon as you thought "that Tesla looks nice". You made it happen because you stayed focused! "Manifest-er type folks" might say "opportunities unfolded for you". When actually the opportunities were there all along- you just found them because you opened your freaking eyes! Let's try it together:

Step 1: Recognize your desire.  What is a change you'd like to make? What are you seeking? Are you trying to figure out a way to do what you love for a living? Are you seeking love? Money to buy a car? What do you want?

Step 2: Call it out. (Write it down! Say it out loud!) This is a huge step!! Just recognizing the one over-arching change you want to make to create a shift is GIGANTIC. It means that you already recognize the root of the problem. And the root of the solution. 

Step 3: Ask yourself what the obstacles are- Because NEWSFLASH! YOU are not the obstacle. You have the innate capabilities you need. What decisions have you made that might be standing in your way-Your job? Extracurricular obligations? Priorities? And what tools do you currently lack to fully make the change- Money? Time? Self-confidence?(Self-doubt) Trust?(Fear.) Positive habits? 

Step 4: Recognize what you DO have- What can you do? If you want to quit your job and do what you love for a living, what do you have that can help you? A supportive partner? Expertise in the field? Money in savings? Think harder. Let's say time is your major obstacle. What do you do? You can't make the day longer! Well, what can you cut out that's not as important? If money is an obstacle, how can you get the money? Start smaller and use the money you have? Seek an investment? Work a second job for a while? Cut down on eating out? THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY. If you want something badly enough, you will find a way.

Step 5: Create an achievable game plan. Big changes require a lot of little steps. Little steps feel safer. So, create bite-sized pieces you KNOW you can do. Using the example of wanting to make a living doing something you love- maybe your plan is to utilize your extra time (nights and weekends) to start making money doing it.  Then you save that money so that you can eventually quit your day job and have a safety-net while you try doing what you love full time.  

Step 6: Execute and repeat until you've achieved your full goal.

Your mind actually strengthens neural connections the more they are made. So if you practice positive thought patterns or goal-oriented behaviors, they stick! And the negative thought patterns get pruned away with disuse. The more you practice manifestation- the easier it becomes. Just like with any change, it has to be a lifestyle, but it grows easier with time.

Step 7: Set another goal to sustain it or build on it. Or manifest something NEW. 

I think there is sort of this misinterpretation that manifestation is creating something out of nothing. Or praying for divine intervention and then patiently waiting. When in reality, manifestation is ACTIVE. This is how I created a yoga business, a yoga teacher training program, and got into physical therapy school. It's a lot of work, but it doesn't feel like work. It's honestly kind of addicting. If you get lost or something isn't working, just come back to the process. Bite off something smaller. Make it all manageable. Recognize obstacles. Recognize what you can do about them. Then do it. 


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